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Boat Moorings/Docks

Mooring fields for municipal and private harbors are a cost effective way to safely store your boats.

CHANCE Mooring Screw Anchor can offer a simple, economical mooring for boats requiring holding capacities to 100,000 pounds or more. These moorings are so effective that in areas subject to hurricanes special incentives are often offered by insurance companies to boat owners who use these moorings.

CHANCE Screw Anchors are installed into the harbor bottom by either work boats or divers using hydraulic rotary installing equipment with anti-torque devices. The bearing plates are installed through the silt to good bearing soils and the chains or lines are connected to the mooring or platforms above. The same anchors are used in the fast growing aqua-culture field holding fish cages securely to the ocean bottoms.

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Seaflex Elastic Rodes
The Seaflex Elastic Rode is a 20 year old Swedish product of single or multiple rubber cords which will elongate and retract with water depth changes and varying wind/wave loads. These rodes are primarily used to keep a constant tension between floating docks and bottom anchors in order to prevent lateral movement of floating docks and to absorb shock loading.

Floating docks anchored by Helix anchors and Seaflex elastic rodes do not need piles or cable winches. This anchor/rode combination can be effective in all ocean tides, moving rivers, and dam-controlled lakes for wave attenuators as well as marina docks.

Helix Mooring Systems is now offering Seaflex rodes as an alternative to traditional chain, rope, and winch/cable anchor rodes.

How Do Helix Anchors Compare?
Following is a chart produced by BoatUS Insurance. They conducted an independent test on the various types of permanent mooring anchors on the market and found the helix anchor to offer the greatest holding. The cost of the helix anchor and installation per pound of holding power was clearly the most favorable. See chart below.