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Soil Nailing, Screw Anchors, Soil Screw

Bearing plates are spaced along the entire length of screw anchors. These true-spiral helices install with ease and minimal soil disturbance. Monitoring torque during installation accurately indicates expected holding capacity for predictable results. Capacity is proportional to installation torque.

The SOIL SCREW® Retention Wall System reinforces in-situ soil with screw anchors near horizontal. Anchor sizes and grid spacing are determined by soil conditions and load requirements, including intended overburden. The System removes performance uncertainties and associated costs of grouted soil nails in soils of low shear strength.

Screw anchors in soil act as bearing devices as opposed to grouted anchors which rely on friction between the soil and grout. Maloney Construction, Inc. can provide design assistance and be a part of your next “Top down” construction project.

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