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We’re Heavy Civil Engineering & Foundation Contractors…But We’re Also Much More, Based out of Novato, CA, Maloney Construction, Inc. is a Small Business and Hubzone contractor with a reputation for solid and successful project delivery.

With more than two decades of experience in heavy civil, structural concrete, pump stations, foundation construction, and emergency response the Maloney team routinely uses our expertise and knowledge to proactively identify and solve challenges that would stop less experienced teams in their tracks.

The project team has extensive levee reconstruction experience, environmental remediation and specialty equipment.

Residential Foundations – Expertise and Experience Matter
For more than 20 years Maloney Construction Inc. has been at the top of the Bay Area residential foundation industry. We offer extensive experience in the very specializes field of Helical Pier and Micropile installation, and are also highly skilled in all aspects of foundation work, excavation and retaining wall construction.

Maloney Construction takes pride its work and always strives to exceed customer expectation with true affordability, quality workmanship and timely completion. When it comes to residential construction, expertise and experience mater.

We are Northern California’s Foundation Experts
We have installed thousands of Helical Piers and Tiebacks on a variety of jobs both large and small over the years and achieved exemplary results each and every time. We are a Certified Installer A.B. Chance Helical Pier Foundation Systems, which means we’re adept at every aspect of their installation, repair, design and implementation of this system.

Maloney Construction, Inc. provides cost–effective solutions, feasibility evaluations, engineering design and installation support for your government, commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential foundation projects. Maloney Construction is committed to its clients to provide work that is both safe and of the highest quality in the industry today, while always stressing complete accountability, total transparency and open communication throughout the entire process.

Helical pier foundations can be designed to hold loads in compression or in tension. This means Maloney Construction can prevent settlement with a Helical Pier drilled vertically or stop lateral movement with a Helical Pier on an angle as a Tieback. Our crews are able to quickly install these Helical Piers, which means that our construction projects are completed on time and on budget.

Approved by national building code agencies BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI, CCMC and ICC, the Helical Pier and Helical Tieback anchors have become the deep foundation solution of choice for architects, builders, contractors, engineers and geotechnical firms worldwide. By embracing and mastering these products and techniques, Maloney Construction leads the way in foundation construction throughout northern California.

Heavy Construction | Residential & Commercial | Foundation Contractor

Our Projects

Fort Mason Paving

Restoration of the eroded asphalt surface traveled by so many over the last 160 years is not only an honor, it is an important part of maintaining a safe and enriching environment for the generations yet to come.

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Seismic Zone Foundation System

The proposed expansion of the BoDean Company Asphalt Plant, located on two acres in Santa Rosa, California is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Three new 14' diameter batch silos and conveyor equipment rise more than 85' above the 40' x 60' foundation pad and can contain 900 tons of bituminous material batched at 300° F.

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McDowell Road Fort Mason

McDowell Road is situated between the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the San Francisco Maritime Historical Park, atop a retaining wall on the north side of Fort Mason, parallel to the San Francisco Bay shoreline.

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Client's Review

We were faced with a difficult installation. This was a retrofit foundation upgrade, so in addition to working underneath an existing an existing structure, we had to deal with a steep slope, soft soil access and a nearby perennial stream. Maloney's light trucks and small trailers had little impact on the soft soil approaching the site, and no drilled piers meant no spoils, thereby protecting the nearby stream and eliminating the costs associated with the subsequent spoils removal.

Another challenge was a new hillside foundation weaved among 300-400 year old Redwoods in a privately held old-growth forest. A standard foundation would have caused much damage to the sensitive root system, but the helical piers and their precise placement enabled us to tie-beam along the surface without excavation, gave us the foundation support we needed, and did it with minimal impact to the topography and the sub-surface root system. And no heavy, expensive pier spoils to deal with.

No heavy equipment, no spoils, minimal environmental impact, much faster completion time, and thousands less than a standard drilled pier installation. These are the reasons that I favor the Helical Pier System, and why I will continue to use Maloney Construction for all my engineered foundation projects.

Thanks Sean!

R. Barrio Jr. - Austin Creek Construction
Cazadero, CA

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